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Commercial Auto/Fleet Insurance

According to Statistics Canada, Motor vehicle accidents cause close to 3,000 deaths each year in Canada.


In addition to the huge emotional effect they have on the deceased's family and coworkers, these accidents – many of which are preventable – can cost your company a great deal of money by increasing auto insurance premiums. As a result, the question employers should be asking themselves is:


What can I do to ensure my employees drive safely?

Planning is Key

The first step in accident prevention is creating and implementing a company fleet safety program.

How do you go about this? For starters, you can implement pre-employment screening of motor vehicle records, driver education, defensive driving courses and financial incentives for accident-free driving. Of course, a good fleet safety program should also include consequences for drivers with more than one moving violation or at-fault accident in a year.

What else can you do? Remind employees that common sense is always important while driving. Management should reinforce this to drivers over and over again.

For example, remind and require drivers to wear their seat belts. Something as simple as this can greatly reduce fatalities by up to 50 percent.

In addition to promoting seat belt use, encourage your drivers to stop if they are too tired to drive to prevent them from falling asleep behind the wheel.

It is also important that your fleet safety policy has a section regarding distracted driving. It has been proven that talking on the phone or texting while driving greatly increases the risk of an accident.

It is important for employees to know that not only is cell phone use while driving not encouraged, it could result in disciplinary action.

Ensuring your employees drive safely is especially important during the winter when weather conditions create an additional hazard on roadways.

In the winter, drivers can wear sunglasses to prevent snow glare. They should also take the time to scrape frost, ice and snow from all the windows before beginning to drive. We have all seen highway drivers navigating through a peephole they’ve cleared for themselves rather than scraping their entire windshield. This is a reckless and dangerous practice.

Companies should also be carefully maintaining cars and trucks by regularly checking their tires and windshield wipers.

Please contact The Regional Insurance Services Inc. if you would like to create a formal fleet safety program for your company and to understand more about commercial fleet/auto insurance. We recognize that no two companies are alike, and we offer expertise in designing effective, cost-efficient programs tailored to your needs. The time devoted to this project may save lives and litigation – and that’s time well spent.

The Regional Insurance Services Inc. is one of the most experienced property and casualty insurance brokerage and consulting firms in Canada.

The Regional Insurance Services Inc. has a team of dedicated professionals to serve you. This team represents the full array of property and casualty insurance carriers. Their knowledge and experience have earned the trust of many small and large firms throughout the area.

Many personal automobile insurance policies will not cover liability or property losses that occur when a vehicle is used for business purposes. If you are a small business owner, commercial auto/fleet insurance from Regional Insurance can provide financial protection in case you or your drivers are involved in an accident while on the job.

What is covered under commercial auto insurance?


Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans and commercial use trailers. It offers your business protection against the financial impact resulting from:

  • damage or loss of your business vehicles

  • damage you or your drivers cause to vehicles or property owned by others

  • injury or death of drivers


Fleet insurance for five or more vehicles


If you have five or more commercial vehicles, insuring your vehicles under one fleet insurance policy can be less expensive than insuring each one individually. Fleet insurance provides the same coverage and offers some added flexibility in that company employees can drive any vehicle in the fleet, as long as each employee is licensed.

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