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Auto Body and Repair Services

As an auto body shop owner or employee, you are well aware of the many kinds of risks that are associated with your work. Auto body and repair shops present a wide variety of hazards, including the use of dangerous chemicals, exposure to paint fumes, exposure to sanding dust, metal fumes from welding and cutting, hearing damage from excessive noise, the potential for oil or grease spills leading to slips and falls, flying debris, electrical exposures and the general peril of working with large, heavy machinery.


Though you are well aware of these dangers, customers visiting your garage or shop probably do not fully understand the potential risks. Because customers are not equipped with training or proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and you may be liable for any injuries incurred in the shop, it is important to take proper measures to keep them safe and to have the best auto body insurance coverage.

The Best Way to Keep Customers Safe


The best way to keep your customers safe from injury is to keep them in the designated waiting areas and away from the garage altogether. Make sure signs indicate employee-only zones to warn customers of potential hazards in entering the shop floor.

So whether you run a dealership, a small garage, or an auto body repair shop, take advantage of our industry expertise to get a customized auto body shop insurance coverage solution designed specifically for your business. Through our experience and knowledge, we understand the risks you’re exposed to on a daily basis.


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